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Free and confidential services for survivors of domestic violence

We understand that domestic violence and abuse can occur in any intimate relationship. Victims of domestic violence often feel it is their fault, and they can somehow change what is happening to them.

It is not your fault, and you are not responsible for your partner’s abusive behavior.

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Feeling Safe

Everyone should feel safe at home. Home should be the one place where your safety should not be questioned. For survivors of domestic violence, there is no peace at home. Home is not a safe place.

Domestic violence or abuse comes in many forms. Abuse can be:

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Sexual
  • Physical

Abuse can include:

  • Hitting, slapping, pushing
  • Restraining or prevention of you from walking away or leaving
  • Name calling, insulting
  • Threatening, intimidating
  • Coercion

Lee Conlee House Support Services

We provide the following programs and services to help you:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Supportive housing
  • Hope and Recovery Substance Abuse Program
  • Children of Hope Program
  • Active Parenting
  • GIFTED Economic Empowerment Program
  • Prevention Education Program
  • Rural Outreach Program
  • Children Welfare Program
  • Court Outreach Program

We are here for you – and your children. Call us now.

The Lee Conlee House, Inc., a certified domestic violence organization located in Putnam County, Florida, serves adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence in all the following municipalities, including but not limited to: Crescent City, East Orange, East Palatka, Florahome, Fruitland, Georgetown, Hollister, Huntington, San Mateo, Hollister, Interlachen, Lake Como, Melrose, Orange Mills, Pomona Park, Putnam Hall, San Mateo, Satsuma and Welaka. The Lee Conlee House does accept out-of-area referrals.